How To Sell

How to sell on our site:

Welcome to Digital Products Marketplace!  The premier Online Marketplace for digital products.

How to Register as a Vendor:

Navigate to the home page of Digital Products Marketplace

Click on the link in the top Menu, Create A  Store

Once you are on the registration page. Fill in all your necessary information. All your personal info will be safe and will not be breached by anyone.Fill out all the relevant fields marked with asterisk.  Checkmark the “I am a Vendor” and fill in the information. You can select a Shop name for your brand and a URL will be produced accordingly.

Click on register now and upon authentication and verification, your account will be registered with our Website in our database.

You can now login with the Email and Password that you provided earlier, and You will be taken to the Dashboard of your Store Front

Now you are successfully in the dashboard and are ready to make the necessary changes. You can now monitor all your sales and earnings with complete analytics as to how your shop is performing.  

There are four different navigation, which you can access. I will explain all of them one by one.

In the orders tab, you will see all the orders you have got and needs to be fulfilled. Under the order tab you’ll see the Withdraw option from where you can easily withdraw all your earning every month.

Add A New Product

In the Products tab, you can see all the products that you have added to your shop. On the right corner, you will see the “Add A New Product” button. By clicking it you can add products to your shop. If you face any issues, you can contact our Support Team for the clarification of any confusion(s)

Shop Settings and Banners of Your Shop

Now you have the Settings Tab. you can add a banner for your shop. There is a long list of things you need to configure before moving forward.

Payment Settings

On the menu, just below the setting tab, you will see a Payment Tab, where you can set up your payment options and account details which will enable you to receive your payments.


Summing Up

We are one stop Online Marketplace determined to help people who have a digital product or are interested in launching one but don’t have the resources to come here and get recognized internationally.

If you found it compelling and legit, get registered with us today. We will only charge 15% of the profit you will gain by selling your products.

It is a great opportunity for creative minds with no resources and for small scale manufacturers. Don’t miss it as currently we have less competition and a higher probability of making a mark in the online market where you can sell your products for free.

Now you know well about what our Online Marketplace is offering you and how you can easily register yourself and list your products to start earning as soon as possible.

If you still have any confusion(s) you can ask us below or contact our Support Team for the best possible solutions